Pocket Bully

They have also resembled American Bully because they have so much in common. As it is named a pocket bully, it doesn’t mean it will fit in your pockets. No, it’s not like that!

Pocket Bully

They are not as smaller as we think but they are fluffy and cute pets. They have very cute fluffy skin with perfectly blended shaded and medium size of tails. It made them adorable. They somehow belong to Pit Bull Family. 

This breed came into existence around the 1960s. This breed is a mixture between American Pit Bull Terrier and a Patterdale Terrier. They were first got the recognition in 2004 by the American Bully Kennel Club. It was a spontaneous creation. When it was first seen by the people, they were awestruck because of its size and cuteness. They looked small but they are heavy due to their fluffy fur. They are the smaller versions of American Bully.


Pocket Bully was considered that this crossbreeding was done to make companionship among pit bull families. They actually got famous in 2000; when they were produced in huge numbers. They have some kind of resemblance and similarities with pit bulls. It has a small muscular look and an adorable personality that bewitches everyone’s center of attraction. At this time, it is still not so famous breed. But over time, it will be definitely the most loveable pet you will ever have.

What does a Pocket Bully look like?

They are small in size but heavy in weight. Because of their fluffy skin, it sheds less due to their coat. They have a small back and shallow chest and a medium size tail. Sometimes its appearance compares it to an American Pitbull. They have broad and large heads and mouths. Overall it’s not in a very big size.

Pocket bully looks


Its weight basically depends on how stocky-bred it has been. It either falls into the Classic, Standard, or Extreme categories.

ClassicBetween 11-22 Pounds
ExtremeMaximum 50 to 60 Pounds

Their weight and size also depend upon their environment, diet, protein, fat intake, etc.


Pocket bullies are very much smaller in size as compared to other dogs. They have just broad heads and faces otherwise they look heavy due to their fluff.

MaleUnder 17 Inches
FemaleUnder 16 Inches


Some people think that because of their resemblance with pit bull families, they are very much aggressive in nature. But that’s not true! They are very much fond of love and affection. If you want to have a pet in your home, you should buy a pocket bully. Its name is surely pocket bully but it is bigger in giving love. They just want your attention and love. They are way more intelligent than other dogs. They easily understand your commands and follow them. Even they are the best guard keepers. They keep an eye on their surrounding and protect their owners.

pocket bully behaviour


Like any dog, they are in a variety of colors.  They are already so eye-catching with their cuteness, and different colors attract more.

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Fawn
  5. Brown
  6. White



This is one of the most decent and befitting pets you can ever have. They easily adjust themselves in any kind of environment, if they get a little bit of attention. They are not a danger to your kids rather they love the kids around them.


As we know they are kind of belonging to the pit bull family. So, some might think that they are very aggressive and impatient. But this is wrong! They are very quiet and tolerant pets. They do not get hyper easily.


Most of the time, they need the attention of their owners no matter what the situation is. This is the way to show affection to them. If you don’t give them attention, they will irritate you a bit.


They will not disappoint you in public. But for this purpose, you need to train them beforehand. Training must be started in its early life span. So, they do not get panic about social gatherings.


When you keep a pet it is very essential to take care of it properly. Here are some of the important things to do in order to secure your pet’s life and your environment hygienic.



Brush their hair once in three days. It is very important to clean their hair. So, they cannot shed hair more often. Brush their tail also. It is very necessary to clean their hair of dirt & debris. It will not make their hair stinky and smelly.


Make sure to brush their teeth once a day. So, when they lick you it won’t affect you with any kind of germs.  As their growing age, it is more likely to get a chronic disease. So, it is better to take precautionary measures and take off their dental care earlier. And make it a regular habit!


Each and every person needs a bath so, as pets. It makes them feel fresh and active. It is very important to give a bath to them once a week. It will reduce their dullness and make them look good.


They are heavy in weight and fluffy. They do not need much exercise as compared to other animals. 20 to 30-minute walk is more than enough for them.  But make sure you take them daily. It is a very good way to socialize with other dogs. Walking is better in many ways. You can also give training for swimming but with more care. They can run normally, so you can also add this exercise slowly and steadily into their lifestyle. If 30 minutes walk does not make them tired, increase the minutes for the walk. So, it may help them to digest their food.


Some of the common health issues regarding these pets are the following:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Heart Disease
  • Eye Problems
  • Hypothyroidism

Let’s discuss them briefly.


Every dog faces this issue because of the hip ball and socket grind. It makes them uncomfortable. In this disease following are the most common symptoms:

  • Laziness
  • No energy
  • Lose muscle mass
  • Difficulty in any activity

This disease can be cured with physical therapy; otherwise, surgery is the only option left. Daily exercising can be helpful but any sort of heavyweight triggers their pain.


It is too much common in them. The heart issues include valvular, myocardial and heartworm. The dog shows the following symptoms if they face any of these heart diseases:

  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling low
  • No running and no walking

A proper consultation is necessary for the treatment.


The pets can easily have eye problems. Cats and dogs are facing this issue more frequently. They face the following diseases:

  • Cherry Eye
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Dry Eye


Pocket bullies are seriously known for their common diseases. It actually disturbs the metabolism which causes this disease. Thyroid glands do not produce more hormones which result in unbalance metabolism.

The following are the symptoms:

  • Anemia
  • Lethargy
  • Obesity
  • Hair loss

This can be cured by the medicine suggested by the veterinarian.


Pocket bully is one of the most intelligent pets you can have. It is very easy to give any sort of training. They adapt those activities which they see and observe regularly. So, if you trained them well, they will learn well automatically. You can give the following pieces of training to your pocket bullies.

  • SOCIALIZING: Try to make them comfortable with other pets. So, this will help them to socialize easily. Whenever you take them for a walk, leave them for some time with other pets. It will create a bond between them.
  • TRAINING SESSIONS: Keep the training sessions short and energetic. This will not make them tired and bored.
  • CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY: Yes! You have to be very consistent in giving training. If you want to make them learn and understand new things, you must be consistent.
  • TRAINING PERIOD: Start training in the early months; this will help them to learn quickly.
  • START WITH BASIC: Like how you will call them, how they will respond when they are hungry etc.


Whenever your training session ends, give them their favorite kind of food as a reward. It will boost them to try again.

Training sessions are fun-loving and a great joy of the experience. No puppy will understand it right away. You must be patient and consistent to train them. If you think this puppy will cuddle 24/7 then you are wrong! It is one of the intelligent breeds. They want to consume time in some activity with their owner.


Pocket bullies love food. You cannot give them chocolate, coffee, etc. Their food must be healthy with an intake of protein and fats. It makes them strong and healthy.  And if you want to give them food from the market, try to purchase it from authentic stores. So, it won’t harm your puppy. Authentic and reliable places for canned food should be considered. Give them a proper diet but do not overfeed them. Balance is necessary!


They do not live long. But mostly it depends upon the environment they keep. And it affects their lives. Usually, they live around 10-13 years. Some diseases they inherited do not let them survive for more than 13 years. This is the maximum time period for these pups.


As we know, they are the cutest and most fluffy obviously, it is costly as compared to other pets. Even if you are buying from reputable breeders, it will cost you around $2000 to $9000 approximately. Because of their different colors, they are alluring.  A healthy pup is a blessing. It’s better to spend money on a healthy puppy rather than spending it on its health issues.

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Give them love and proper care. All they need is adequate attention from their owners.


 Make them busy with healthy exercise. So, they will be more active and playful.


Allow them to cuddle with babies. They are loveable and do not hurt anybody. Socialize them with other pets too.


The most important thing is their proper diet. Because of their health concerns, a healthy and hygienic diet is very important.


Is Pocket Bully intrusive?

NO! Pocket Bullies are actually resembled and belong to the pit bull family which gives an idea about their aggression. But it’s not true. They are very much friendly.

Is Pocket Bullies any life-threatening?

NO, Pocket bullies are very loyal to their owners. They didn’t even think to harm them. So, there is no life threat.

Are Pocket Bullies difficult to keep?

Whatever you own, you must take care of them. So, it is not pretty much difficult to keep. They are not so costly to keep.


Pocket Bully is one of the most loveable and cutest pets you have ever had! If you have a small apartment, not so spacious place then it is the best purchase. They are small dogs as compared to other dogs. Their grooming is pretty much easier. They do not need a lot of hardcore exercises. A daily consistent 30-minute walk is more than enough for them. You can take them swimming, for the small activity that they love to play. They are not one type of breed. They are mixed and matched between two breeds. They survive for shorter time spans like 11-13 years. Not more than that. 

These pups are really fond of affection. Owners must spare ample time to create the best bond. They are not life-threatening not even for kids. They are very intelligent pups, they will easily do tricky activities. If you want to make them comfortable in any kind of environment, try to give them training beforehand. They are wise and eloquent they easily pick notes. Because of their color, they are high in demand.

They have a broader facial structure, but an EAR-TO-EAR smile. This makes them cuter. The cherry on top is their fluffy coats. But they have only one coat. No, underneath coats are present. They do not survive in colder and hotter atmospheres. They have some common dog health issues. This can be easily sorted by some precautions and veterinary visits. Diet and environment play crucial roles in this phase.  Do not give them, ordinary food because they are prone to obesity. Make a friendly environment so; they can live their best life. 

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