Blue French Bulldog

The Blue French Bulldog is one of the best companions. As we know dogs are the best friends and also the best companion in a family.

Blue French Bulldog

The nature of this breed is filled with love and long-term relations with human beings. They are not acceptable by breed standards but because of their rarity, and health issues, they are twice expensive in price.

They can be called Blue Frenchy, Frenchie, or bluenose French bulldog. They have bluish-gray coats which makes them cute and more adorable. Mostly they pass on their unhealthiness to the next generation if they are facing some severe kind of health issues.  They are not acceptable by American Kennel Club (AKC) but you need not worry unless and until you want to make them show in a pet competition.

Prime Information Regarding a Blue French Bulldog

In the 1990’s they were originated. But they got recognition in 2009.

They become overheated quickly and there are very high risks of heatstroke. Because of their fluffy coats, they cannot survive in hot climates. They are very much relaxed in moderate weather. Breeding of blue Frenchie needs proper care and attention. It is a full-time job.

Height and Weight

Blue Frenchies have 11-13 inches in height. Not more than that. This is the small size of a puppy anyone can have in the apartment. Male pups weigh around 21-28 pounds whereas females have 16-23 pounds.


Male21-28 Pounds
Female16-23 Pounds

Types of Blue French Bulldog

They are so many types. By mixing and matching coats they became a unique color. This is the 4th most popular breed. They have the following types

Blue MerleIrregular-shaped patches (different colors)
Blue FawnExclusive colors
Blue PiedMajorly white with dark colors patches on the body
Blue BrindleBlue/gray coats but have brindle stripes
Blue SableBlack hair on edge with a fawn base coat
Blue LilacSolid grayish blue and brown coat of base
Blue & TanGolden hue with a light brown coat

Some Important Things to Know about Blue Frenchies!

Important Things to Know about Blue Frenchies
A Blue French Bulldog Puppy


Blue Frenchies are known for it but it has not come from the existence of the place, “France”. They were crossbred in England, and it was found after some of the revolutions. Because of their long ear and fluffiness, everyone loves to have them as a pet. This animal is also remaining the “social” status for years.

Attention Grabber

They are the ones who just got the attention for the love. They are those who really want to have cuddles. Pet owners must know that these need their “ME” time. So, they definitely find some time for their Frenchy. They also pay back their love and prove their presence. They want affection and if you stay away for a long time, they can easily get disturbed and show bad behavior. They really feel loneliness and closeness. They can easily get close to others pets like cats etc. but you cannot let them stay alone with other pets.

No easy traveling

Blue Frenchies actually have some respiratory issues. So, if you are planning to travel with your pet, then it is not that easy. Their respiratory organs can have some effect on changes in temperature. They can be very tough to handle. It is better to talk to airlines beforehand. You cannot keep them with you on a long flight or journey. They will be restless.


If you are planning to take it as a pet, then you have to think twice. It is quite an expensive breed. Maybe it is because of its fur coat but it is twice the price of a bulldog. Blue and lilac colors are mostly in demand so, they are expensive. And if you are buying from a reputable breeding company, they will provide you with a healthy pet.

Some Facts about Blue French Bulldog


Unfortunately, this breed is not allowed to take participate in any dog shows. It is recognized by AKC not fully but still, some of the breeders did not allow them to take part in any kind of shows. And you really wanted to take them in the show; you must have inserted an application to let them know the basic information and its breed.

Color changing

They have a very pretty icy, mild blueish color but some think it’s gray. But with the passage of time, they changed their color! Yes, you heard it right, when they are born they have changed color from the head. After some time, they simultaneously change their colors.

Environment to keep

They cannot survive in hot and too-cold weather. They can live in moderate weather; neither hot nor cold. They have respiratory problems, which make them difficult to live in cold and hot weather. So, they will always feel fresh and healthy in moderate weather.

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Maintenance of Blue French Bulldog


Like other dogs, they also need to brush their hair often. They should be bathed every then and now. But if you cut their hair, it will change their whole look. Brushing makes their bond stronger with their landlord. It becomes a habit that will help them to be organized. Shampoo their hair after a week and a half. So, that they look and feel fresh. Clean their ears with good wipes. Or visit a vet for proper cleaning.

Brushing their teeth

If possible, brush their teeth frequently. As a pet, they must have cared much. They are sensitive try to brush their teeth or give them some dental chews to swallow. Dental care is way much more important in dogs.


Frenchies are not so heavily weighted, as compared to other dogs. So, they cannot do much exercise. Light walks are enough for them as they cannot go with high temperatures. It is better to not push them for high-maintenance exercise.

Exercising blue frenchies

Some Allergies in Blue French Bulldog

Food Allergy

Every other dog is allergic to some kind of food. So, Frenchie is also allergic to meat most of the time. Some bulldogs experienced allergies to different kinds of protein they intake which cause them to upset their intestines. And they won’t be able to eat and digest. They behave awkwardly. They start spitting, they feel nauseous.

Cure: For example, if Frenchie is not eating meat, try to alternate its food with mutton or beef items. So, that it will not affect him and they won’t be allergic to their food.

Atmospheric Allergy

They can be allergic to dust, and low-maintenance areas which make their skin itchy. They start to lick their affected area.

Cure: It can get better with a tidy atmosphere. But you also start medication for some time so, that their affected areas start to heal.

Important training to be given

When you bought them, start their training as soon as possible. In social gatherings, they get offended. So, it’s better to train them to be disciplined, followers, and good-greet pets.

You can easily train them in some words i.e “Wait, Sit, Stand, Move, Run” etc. The short commands can easily be attained by giving them rewards as their favorite food.

If you are going in a car or traveling to long-distance areas put them in their small carts. And trained them well to come out and come in. This will help you to save them from attacking dogs etc.

The most important and tough training is potty training. It is way more important than anything else. Try to command them to go to that specific place frequently. The more time you spend on training, the more easily they will learn. It will help you also to make your place neat and clean.

They wanted to indulge in activities. So, try to have those types of activities which teach them to be patient and disciplined. This will create a stronger bond.


They are mostly not capable of giving natural birth. They sometimes usually require artificial insemination and most probably in some cases, C-sections. Approximately 70% to 80% of litter is delivered this way. And this percentage shows that they aren’t able to deliver naturally.


They do not usually bark. But if they do, it means they need attention. They really need proper attention from every other person. They are a well-behaved breed. They aren’t the noisy ones. But if they make a noise, then definitely they need more attention.

No Swimming

Some may say that they can swim but in reality, they NEVER swim. It is not a good idea to train them for swimming. Some dogs have flat bodies, but they cannot be in the water for a longer period of time. They can swim with help but at the same time, it is a risk to make them swim. So, never ever try to make them swim.

Queries about Blue French Bulldog

Whenever you want to buy a new puppy from breeders, you should definitely clear these queries from them by asking the following questions:

  • Medical history: from this, you may understand their ongoing health, mood, and behavior.
  • Vaccinations: you must know which and when vaccination they have already given. Ask them for the vaccination certificates, so it might be helpful for you in traveling.
  • Training: if they are so small, you can easily train them according to your convenience but if they are grown up, you just need to know the given pieces of training.
  • Breeding history: it will be helpful for their coming generations as well as for you.
Queries about Blue French Bulldog
A Full-Grown Blue French Bulldog

Life Span

The average life spans of Frenchies is 10 to 12 years maximum. But according to their high risks health issues they can die earlier. It’s all depending upon the environment, care, attention, and love. They have genetic health issues, which can last longer. So, the maximum time of their lives is 10 to 12 years not more than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue French bulldogs expensive?

Yes, Blue Frenchies are expensive. It is because of their different colors.

Do Blue Frenchies have a friendly nature?

Yes, they have friendly nature. They take good care of kids though.

Does Blue Frenchie bark a lot?

No, they do not bark a lot. They just want their attention. If not given, they will bark a little.

Are the Blue Frenchies having a good intelligence level?

Yes, they have a very good level of intelligence. They follow instructions very quickly.

In a Nutshell

These are the most popular breed worldwide. People attract to them because of their cuteness and fluffiness. They are easy to adopt because they do not require a daily dose of activity. They are small in size which results in minimal walking daily. They aren’t able to do heavy exercise. They are very easy to groom. Daily brushing isn’t required. Just make sure they are in a very well-maintained environment.

These pups have health issues, which make them, disturb most of the time. They haven’t a good history of a healthy lifestyle. But it depends on the owner also. Blue French Bulldogs are good to go if they take care of them and provide basic necessities. They have numerous types. Blue tan, Blue Lilac, etc. All have different color coding and specialty.

Frenchie cannot survive more than 10 to 12 years estimated. As they grew older, you will see the pigmentation of colors. Their colors will change and fade. But primarily this pigmentation relies on their parents, which they inherit.  When we have something in life, they have some pros and cons. same goes for these pups.

They have so many pros, friendly behavior, ease to live, etc but on the other hand, they have cons also, they face serious kinds of respiratory issues, and they cannot live in high-end temperatures. They can be trained well in their early weeks and months of birth. They are very understanding so, they quickly adopt the behaviors. Whenever you need to have a pet, Frenchie is the best option because they are small in size, and do not bark like other dogs. They just need care, attention, and love.

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