Platinum French Bulldog

Take a look at the Platinum French Bulldog! These pups are elegant and charming, with beautiful silver coats and adorable wrinkles.

Platinum French Bulldog

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or an experienced one, the Platinum Frenchie will win your heart and become a valued family member. 

NamePlatinum French Bulldog
AppearanceMuscular, short, platinum-colored coat.
SizeSmall to medium-sized, 16-28 pounds and 11-12 inches tall at the shoulder.
TemperamentAffectionate, friendly, and playful. 
Lifespan10-12 years on average
Price Range$5,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on factors such as breeder reputation, lineage, age, and physical attributes
AKC RecognitionNot currently recognized by the American Kennel Club as an official color variation of the breed.

What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

Many people who adore dogs consider the Platinum Frenchies to be the most desirable variety of that breed because of its rare and beautiful coat color. The black pigment in the dog’s fur is diluted by a dilution gene, resulting in a silvery or grey coat. The color of its skin is commonly described as “lilac” or “platinum” because of its unique and eye-catching appearance.

Despite their distinctive coat, Platinum Frenchie is otherwise identical to standard Frenchies in every respect. They are little in stature yet stout and robust in structure. The ears on their large, square head give them a striking “bat-like” appearance. They are well-liked for their outgoing and loving personalities, boundless energy, and enthusiasm.

What is Platinum French Bulldog
A Platinum French Bulldog Puppy

The Platinum Frenchie is a rare and beautiful color variety, but some health concerns come with it. The dilution gene that gives Platinum Frenchies their distinctive coat color also increases the dog’s susceptibility to allergies and hearing impairments. As a result, it’s crucial to get a Platinum French Bulldog from a reliable breeder who checks their canine littermates for hereditary diseases.

The Platinum Frenchie is an extremely useful subset of the French Bulldog breed because of its rare and distinctive coat color. Despite looking different, they have the same physical make-up and temperament as regular French Bulldogs. It is crucial to buy a Platinum Frenchie from a reputable breeder who has taken measures to safeguard the health and well-being of their breeding dogs and their progeny because of the potential health hazards linked to their unusual coat color.


Various French Bulldog Platinum colors 

  • Platinum: 

The most typical and prevalent shade of platinum is in French Bulldogs. The coat’s outer layer is light silver, while the undercoat is white. The black pigment in the Platinum Bulldog’s fur has been diluted, giving the dog a silvery gray coat. The platinum hue can range from pale to vibrant and sometimes take on a bluish tinge.

  • Lilac:

This is a pinker, warmer version of the standard platinum Frenchie coat color. A white undercoat contrasts with the coat’s apparent silver-lilac hue. In the case of the Lilac French Bulldog, the dilution of the black pigment is more extreme, leading to a pinkish-lilac coat. The Platinum Bulldog, in its distinctive lilac color, is in high demand because of its rarity.

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  • Blue: 

This is a darker, bluish-gray version of the Platinum Frenchies’ color. The underfur seems white, and the outer coat is smoky gray-blue. The black pigment in the French Bulldog’s fur is diluted to create a blue color. However, the Blue process is more comprehensive than the platinum kind. Similarly coveted by pet owners is the Blue variety of the platinum Frenchie.

  • Charcoal

This shade is a darker, richer gray variant of the Platinum Frenchie. The underfur appears white, while the outer coat is a dark silver-gray. In the same way that the blue French Bulldog is created by diluting the black pigment, the charcoal French Bulldog is created by diluting the black pigment even further, resulting in a darker charcoal-gray color. Charcoal French Bulldogs are just as rare as the more common platinum variety, and they are likewise quite popular with pet owners.

  • Platinum Brindle

This is a brindle variant of the Platinum Frenchie color, with the platinum base and brindle markings. A brindle dog’s back, flanks, and legs typically display black to dark gray markings. Breeding two dogs with dilute DNA produces the Platinum Brindle French Bulldog, whose coat combines the platinum color and brindle markings. Like the Platinum Frenchie, the Platinum Brindle color is extremely rare and sought after.

Various French Bulldog Platinum colors 

Platinum French Bulldogs Health Issues

The Platinum Frenchies, like other purebred canines, can develop certain diseases. Some of this breed’s most typical health problems are as follows:

  • Brachycephalic Airways Syndrome: 

French Bulldogs might experience minor to severe breathing problems due to their short nose and flat face. Snoring, wheezing, and trouble breathing, particularly in hot weather or after activity, are all signs of Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.

  • Hip Dysplasia: 

This is a hereditary disorder that manifests itself in the hip joint of dogs, causing discomfort and difficulty moving about as a result of the hip joint’s improper growth, instability and eventual arthritis might occur.

Platinum French Bulldogs Health Issues
  • Patellar Luxation 

Another hereditary disorder that can cause the dog’s kneecap to dislocate is the luxating patella. It can be painful, lead to limp and mobility problems, and surgery may be necessary to fix it in certain cases.

  • Allergies: 

Food, environmental allergens, and flea bites are potential triggers for allergic reactions in French Bulldogs. 

  • Obesity: 

Overfed or inactive French Bulldogs are especially at risk for becoming obese. Owners should be aware of these risks and ensure their dogs receive the care they need by taking them for regular checkups at the vet and providing them with nutritious food and lots of physical activity. Owners can increase the likelihood that their Platinum French Bulldog will live a long, healthy, and happy life by taking preventative measures.

Lilac Platinum French Bulldog

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Platinum Frenchie Make a Good Pet?

A Platinum Frenchie may be a wonderful pet for the appropriate family. They require little attention in exercise and grooming, making them an excellent option for people who live in small spaces or lead hectic lifestyles. Prospective owners, however, need to know about the breed’s health problems to give adequate care, such as regular veterinary checkups and a portion of nutritious food. A platinum bulldog that has been carefully cared for can be a devoted and affectionate pet.

Are Platinum French Bulldogs rare?

As a relatively recent color variation not yet recognized by the major kennel clubs like the AKC, platinum Frenchies are uncommon. The popularity of these French Bulldogs has increased in recent years, but they still need to be more prevalent than other color varieties. Potential pet parents should also do their homework to ensure that the breeder they choose is ethical and places a premium on the health and happiness of their dogs, as selective breeding for specific coat colors has been linked to health issues and unethical breeding practices.

Does AKC recognize the Platinum Frenchie?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not officially recognize the Platinum French Bulldogs as a recognized color variant of the breed. French Bulldogs can come in various standard colors; however, the AKC now only recognizes brindle, fawn, white, and pied. The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize the Platinum Frenchies, although other kennel clubs and breed organizations may accept it. Before purchasing a French Bulldog, prospective owners should familiarize themselves with the breed standard and any color variations.

How much does a Platinum French Bulldog Cost?

Factors that affect the price of a Platinum Frenchie include the renown of the breeder, the quality of the dog’s ancestry, the dog’s age, and the dog’s general health and physical condition. The average cost of a Platinum Frenchie is above $20,000. The initial investment in the dog itself is merely one of many ongoing costs associated with dog ownership. Prospective pet owners should also consider the cost of regular meals, medical care, grooming, and training. Rather than deciding on a breeder based purely on pricing, it’s best to find one with a solid reputation for caring for their dogs’ well-being.


The Platinum French Bulldog is a very special and striking variant compared to other French Bulldogs. Their platinum coloring and small, muscular build make them popular among dog owners. Despite their warm and loving nature, there are a few health concerns that new owners should be aware of. Those prepared to give their Platinum Frenchie the attention and care they need will be rewarded with a delightful and loving companion.

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