Chocolate French Bulldogs

Want a cuddly best friend who can melt your heart with its sweetness? The Chocolate French Bulldog has arrived!

Chocolate French Bulldogs

Not only do these sweet puppies have gorgeous brown coats, but they also have a playful and loving disposition that will steal your heart. Learn all the great reasons why a Chocolate Frenchie will make an excellent pet for your family.

Basic Information

Breed NameChocolate French Bulldog
Other NamesChocolate Frenchie, Chocolate Frenchy
AppearanceShort and stocky body, wrinkled face, bat-like ears, short smooth coat with a chocolate coloration
TemperamentAffectionate, loyal, playful, and energetic. They can be stubborn and have a tendency to be protective of their owners.
Lifespan1012 years
Exercise and TrainingModerate exercise needs, regular short walks and playtime indoors.
GroomingMinimal grooming needs, occasional brushing to maintain their coat, and regular cleaning of their wrinkles to prevent infection.
DietA balanced diet of high-quality dog food, typically 11.5 cups per day.
Price RangeChocolate French Bulldogs can be expensive, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 or more depending on various factors such as pedigree, breeding, and location.
Breed OrganizationsThe Chocolate French Bulldog Club is a breed-specific club dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the breed.

What is Chocolate French Bulldogs?

Chocolate Frenchies is an unusual and distinctive subset of the French bulldog population. The name “Chocolate French Bulldog” comes from the dog’s coat, which is a deep chocolate brown. In appearance and attitude, they are identical to other French Bulldogs, sharing the same stocky body, bat-like ears, and outgoing nature. Chocolate Frenchie, known for its striking beauty, has risen in popularity among dog owners in recent years.

What a Chocolate Frenchie looks like

Their name comes from the resemblance between a Chocolate French Bulldog’s coat and the hue of Chocolate. The coat’s color can range from a light golden brown to a deep chocolate brown or even black. Its short, sleek coat is incredibly pleasant to the touch and practically maintains itself.

What a Chocolate Frenchie looks like

Chocolate Frenchies are no different in appearance from any other French bulldog. Despite their small size and strong muscles, they are a compact, square-shaped breed. Their face is wrinkled and flat; they have short, broad snout and big, round eyes. Their ears are enormous and positioned high on their skulls, giving them a bat like appearance.

About the Chocolate coat

As the saying goes, “Not all Frenchie shades are made equally,” which refers to the wide variety of coat colors and patterns found in French Bulldogs. Even the extremely unusual Chocolate French Bulldogs fall under this category. The Chocolate coat has many possible variations, including shades of brown, white, pied, merle, and even black masks and patches.

Chocolate Frenchies present a breeding challenge because of their recessive genes, despite their distinct look. They are, therefore, more costly than other French bulldog shades, typically running approximately $6,500. Chocolate dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the largest registration of purebred dogs in the United States. Dog enthusiasts are drawn to the Chocolate French Bulldog because of its distinct and endearing appearance. Therefore this is of little concern.

How much is a Chocolate Frenchie?

Due to the difficulty in breeding chocolate French Bulldogs, the price of a chocolate French bulldog puppy is significantly more than that of a white or red Frenchie. A Chocolate Frenchie, on average, will cost you roughly $6,500. However, the cost can differ based on the location of the breeder, the breeder’s reputation, and the dog’s lineage, among other things. The cost of caring for a French bulldog extends beyond the initial investment and includes things like regular food, grooming, and veterinarian visits.

How much is a Chocolate Frenchie?

Where can I get a Chocolate Frenchie?

Finding a reliable breeder who focuses on Chocolate French Bulldogs is the first step to bringing one into your home. Searching the internet or contacting local French bulldog groups and online communities will lead you to reputable breeders. It’s crucial to find a breeder who is open about breeding and health testing procedures and can provide customer references.

What is Chocolate French Bulldogs

Adoption is another viable option to consider. Although Chocolate Frenchies are harder to locate in rescues and shelters, you should still look for one if you’re looking for a dog. Providing a good home for a dog in need through adoption can be a rewarding experience.

Do your homework, ask plenty of questions, and take your time to locate a dog that complements your lifestyle and personality, whether you decide to adopt or purchase from a breeder.

Types of Chocolate Frenchie:

Solid Chocolate

The most frequent variety of the Chocolate French Bulldog has a uniformly brown coat. The coat is silky, lustrous, and incredibly soft, and its color can range from light to dark brown. Many dog owners have a soft spot for the Solid Chocolate Frenchie because of the breed’s lovable and energetic demeanor.

solid Chocolate French Bulldog
Solid Chocolate French Bulldog Puppy

White and Chocolate

This Chocolate Frenchie has a coat that is a mixture of brown and white. It can be a single brown color or feature a brown-and-white pattern with white marks. Compared to other French Bulldogs, Chocolate and white Frenchies stand out for their distinct and striking appearance. In addition, they have reputations for being extremely devoted and full of love.

White and Chocolate French Bulldog
White and Chocolate French Bulldog

Chocolate Merle

This particular variety of Chocolate French Bulldog has a merle pattern on its coat, which consists of brown and white spots or marbleization. This pattern is extremely unusual since it results from a genetic abnormality. Because of their unique and eye-catching look, Chocolate Merle Frenchies are in high demand among dog owners.

Chocolate Merle French Bulldog
Chocolate Merle French Bulldog

Chocolate Brindle

This particular variety of Chocolate Frenchie has a brindle coat, which consists of brown and black striped fur. Each dog has its distinct appearance due to the variable breadth and strength of the brown and black stripes. A Chocolate Brindle Frenchie is a great addition to any family because of its joyful and devoted nature.

Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog
Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog

Fawn Chocolate

The coat of a Chocolate French Bulldog of the fawn pattern variety is a mixture of brown and cream. Frenchies that come in the Chocolate Fawn coat pattern are beautiful and distinctive. Because of their friendly and loving natures, they make excellent family pets.

Black-masked Chocolate

The coat of a Chocolate Frenchie is solid brown, and the dog’s face is masked in black. The black mask’s coverage can go from a discrete patch to the entire face. The combination of a Black Masked Chocolate Frenchie’s friendly and outgoing nature with its cute and expressive face is enough to win the hearts of anybody who meets it.

Chocolate Frenchie Genetics

Dog lovers may find it interesting to learn about the genetics of Chocolate Frenchies. Its chocolate fur is the result of a recessive gene in the B-locus of the genome. If you want to have a puppy that is born with a chocolate coat, both of the puppy’s parents need to be carriers of the chocolate gene.

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Breeders that wish to organize their breeding program carefully might benefit greatly from genetic testing that reveals whether or not a Frenchie possesses the two Chocolate genes at the B-locus. Unfortunately, there is an untestable variety of Chocolate. Therefore the genetic test might not confirm that the Frenchie is a Chocolate despite its outward look. In this situation, the Frenchie’s Red Eye Test results will reveal whether or not the dog is a genuine Chocolate.

The absence of pigment in the eye causes the reflection to look red and dilutes the black pigment that gives the Frenchie its Chocolate color.

Although the genetics of Chocolate Frenchies can be fascinating, proper breeding procedures must be followed at all times for the dogs’ health and well-being. Careful selection of breeding pairings and health testing is essential for the ethical breeding of Chocolate Frenchies because breeding the two can cause health problems in the children.


Does the American Kennel Club recognize Chocolate French Bulldogs?

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), chocolate French Bulldogs are not a recognized standard breed color. However, they are still purebred French Bulldogs and make great companion animals.

How much does a Chocolate French Bulldog cost?

On average, you can pay around $6,500 for a Chocolate French Bulldog.

Are Chocolate French Bulldogs harder to breed than other colors?

Yes, breeding Chocolate French Bulldogs can be more challenging due to the recessive gene that causes the Chocolate color. Careful selection of breeding pairs is required to ensure both parents carry the recessive gene, and breeding two Chocolate Frenchies together can result in health issues in their offspring.

Do Chocolate Frenchies have any health problems?

Chocolate French Bulldogs do not have any specific health problems associated with their color; breeding them can result in health issues in their offspring if not done carefully.

What is the Red Eye Test for Chocolate French Bulldogs?

The Red Eye Test is a simple method to determine whether a Frenchie is a true Chocolate. It involves shining a light into the dog’s eyes to check for a red reflection caused by the lack of pigment in the eye responsible for the dilution of the black pigment that gives the Frenchie its Chocolate color.


Chocolate French Bulldogs are an unusual and distinctive subset of the French bulldog population. Because a recessive gene causes their deep brown coat color, breeding them is more difficult than other coat colors. If you want to purchase a Chocolate Frenchie, ensure the breeder you go through is reliable and does health exams on their puppies. If you take good care of your Chocolate Frenchie, it will be your loyal and devoted friend for many years.

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